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-R.I.P Mr. Wilson by Al Shipley from Government Names
Al Shipley took note of the passing of Baltimore Rap wearer-of-many-hats Mr. Wilson. The best part is the very real and touching tribute by one of my favorite Baltimore rappers, Sonny Brown:

“If it wasnt for Wilson and my dude Excel i wouldve retired from the rap game and jumped back to selling drugs again.. But he always told me.. “yo god gave you a gift that alot of people dont have.. so use your gift and show the world who you are”. I use to think that was corny. But it in some sort of way made sense. I learned alot from him.. I learned what true friendship meant. I learned what loyalty meant. I learned how to love my family better and Most of all My business mind sharpened all because of him. Sometimes you meet people in life and you never know why you let them in.. Then you just sort of get used to them.. then its like you gel with them.. i talked to this dude like 6 times a day EVERYDAY.. then one day.. i just didnt call him because of my situation then 1 week went by in he’s in the hospital in a induced coma.. I know people say that one day your here and the next day your gone thing.. it really makes since but you know what? In a few months i may heal.. and i may take for granted life like we all do from time to time.. I refuse to do it again.”

I’ll Never Tire of ‘A Milli’!
-‘A Milli’ Instrumental produced by Bangladesh

All the freestyles or remixes or whatever you want to call them and the Wayne original–which is still the best– are still really entertaining. Wayne’s version, like all of his stuff, isn’t like the best thing ever, but there’s so much to return to and think about and laugh at. The “goon to a goblin” line never stops being hilarious and as my friend Sammy asked, what made Wayne think being a “goblin” is cool? When Wayne mentions ‘Scarface’ and then The Bible, is he making some out-there, brilliant connection between two of the most misquoted, misinterpreted things on the planet: The Adam & Eve tale and Tony’s willful misreading of the Goodyear blimp. It’s like on the ‘Scarface: Special Edition DVD’ when a lot of rappers don’t get that it’s a bad look when he kills Manny and it’s not so much because he fucked Tony’s sister as Tony himself wants to fuck his sister; some like end-of-Rome, Nero type shit…

And then there’s this really incredible video for what’s essentially a Philadelphia remix of ‘A Milli’. Who are the directors of this? Anybody know anything about Minka and Pearface? Or is it MinkaPearface? They got this weird Daft Punk short on their YouTube account and that’s it. We need more ‘Shook Ones’-video meets Jan Svankmeyer weirdness like this:

-Fancy People Adventures by Phil Elverum

-Links, rambling, etc. by J. Caleb Mozzocco from Every Day is Like Wednesday
If you know or care about comics, especially hustles-posing as DC-event comics like ‘Final Crisis’, then this brief rant is worth checking out. It’s really good because he drops plenty of blame on the creators as well as the publishers.

-List: Five Esoteric Favorites from
Floodwatch reminds me to go dig-out my ‘Hardcore DEVO’ volumes, if only for ‘I Need A Chick’ and ‘Baby Talkin’ Bitches’ which could probably almost like fit on the new Plies album or something. Outside of ‘Whip It’, these volumes were the first DEVO records I ever heard because in the late 90s, before I could drive and had to like, get my Mom to drive me to a record store, these were the only DEVO records my local Best Buy had. Odd that Flood says these are all he really likes by the group, not even ‘Are We Not Men?’?!

Albums For The Week
-Droids ‘Star Peace’

This is finally being put on CD– or maybe back on CD– and it’s worth seeking-out. I’m not going to put up a zshare link because it’s brand-new but buy it or if you must, download it for free from another blog. It’s essentially this out-there ‘Star Wars’ cash-in record from the late-70s but what it really has to do with ‘Star Wars’, I do not know. It’s like every weird strand of electronic music from pure-pop to academic computer nerds in their basement balled-up into one half-amazing/half-terrible LP. Reading a bit about it, I found this totally not comprehensive but still pretty entertaining list of ‘Star Wars’ references in music; as you’d expected, lots of hip-hop in there.

-Dennis Wilson ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’

Again, no zshare because this comes out in this super-deluxe version on Tuesday. Not a whole lot to say about this because it’s this overwhelmingly sad, beach bum pop stoner album finally re-packaged so that you’re not spending crazy prices for the LP. Comes with a bonus disc of stuff from sessions for the follow-up ‘Bambu’. Only headscratcher here is a final bonus track of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins adding vocals to a Wilson demo. A few things I’ve read mentioned how, if Brian Wilson didn’t finally officially release ‘Smile’ there would be no competition for “best solo Beach Boys album” but that’s bullshit because the 2005 version of ‘Smile’ is terrible.

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