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Splice Today: GLC – Love, Life, & Loyalty

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Here’s how most rap albums are put together these days. Producers give a rapper tons of beats and the rapper pick the ones he likes and then raps over them and then ideally, if the right beat and the right rap meet, there’s a song for the album. Then, as the rapper records more and more songs, some sort of flow or concept develops and then, the rapper sequences and re-sequences tracks depending on that concept/flow. And the whole time the rapper’s developing a concept/flow, the rapper’s probably recording more and more songs, which can or cannot derail or at least, shift said concept/flow. GLC’s Love, Life, & Loyalty is a rap album made in that vein, only the guy forgot to take into consideration the passing of time, the changing of trends, and new talent. Like dude is holding on way too tight to all the connections he had a few years ago and it’s a bummer. I don’t feel bad writing this review but I do feel bad.

Along with fellow wizened, Kanye West crony Consequence, GLC expanded the middle-class travails of College Dropout, adding a more lived-in, less petulant point of view to work-a-day anthem “Spaceship.” Consequence rapped about going from guest-spots on Tribe Called Quest’s Beats, Rhymes, and Life to working a day job, while GLC injected a knowing, street dude perspective into the decidedly suburban song, ending his verse with a regret-filled couplet: “Should’ve finished school like my niece / Then I wouldn’t have to use my piece.”

As West’s profile continued to rise, GLC and Consequence remained defiantly down-to-earth. Consequence’s 2007 debut, Don’t Quit Your Day Job! stretched “Spaceship”’s conceit over an entire album and that same year, GLC released “I Ain’t Even On Yet” a song that cleverly ran through a list of luxuries his relative rap fame afforded him, punctuating the boasts with “and I ain’t even on yet”—a half-modest reminder that he wasn’t yet a superstar…

Written by Brandon

October 27th, 2010 at 5:26 am

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