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April Picks.

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  • Holy Ghost!, Self-Titled: Swaggers like The Warriors OST, bounces like a Larry Levan remix, emotes like a New Order album. This record is basically ten excellent 12-inches. Or try to imagine an LP of only stuff like “Perfect Kiss.” JAM FOR JERRY!
  • DJ Quik, Book Of David: Alternates between grown-up relationship rap, and grown-up vitriol lobbed at all the enemies that anybody who is interesting, serious, and on this planet for 40-plus years tends to pick up. Gorgeous, inspired beats.
  • Ponytail, Do Whatever You Want All The Time: Gives off the same feeling as some monolithic freak-prog classic of the past. Also new musical nooks and crannies: Siegel squawks existential questions. Seeno/Wong explore dub and komische. Their best yet.
  • J Rocc, Some Cold Rock Stuf: Turntablism’s officially dead. Not much beat-juggling or record-cutting cleverness here, just brilliant, woozy, sample-based compositions. And “Party,” a monstrous lost Armand Van Helden-like jam. Perfectly sequenced.
  • DJ Pierre, ThEEEE MiXtApEEEE: Baltimore club boundary-pusher (and M.I.A. and Nguzunguzu remixer) releases a mix his own productions, surrounding frenetic dance with Kraftwerk electronics, fractured pop, and quasi-Witchhouse? A possible game-changer.

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May 3rd, 2011 at 2:20 pm

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