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Baltimore City Paper Article: UGK and Common Review

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My first article in-print! I’m excited! Thanks to Ray and Tom. If you live in the Baltimore area, the City Paper is free and available all over the place. I’ll probably run out and get it and cut it out and keep it (no seriously, I will!)…

“Common’s Finding Forever and UGK’s Underground Kingz are “albums” in the true sense of the word: a group of consistent, thematically cohesive songs. This fact alone elevates both above most of the year’s rap releases, but while Common coasts by on his consciousness, UGK sounds dissatisfied with delivering product and offers something more than meeting expectations.”

I ignored it to not sound ungrateful and because it ultimately doesn’t matter, but the online version is a little messed-up. It’s labeled only as a review of UGK, so when I start talking about Common, it seems kind of weird. The print version is properly labeled and gets the last name right too (Jew-BERG)…

Written by Brandon

September 12th, 2007 at 3:25 pm

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