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Them’s The Vagaries Podcast: Comic Books Talk Pt. 1

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Sean McTiernan of the rap and other things podcast Them’s The Vagaries asked me to participate in some year-end proceedings and talk about my favorite comics of 2011. What transpired was a two-hour conversation about comics which didn’t even begin to address my 2011 picks until like, the 45 minute mark. Wisely, our discussion has been split in two parts. The first part is me contextualizing and complaining about comics–think of this as a comics in 2011 state of the union address: On DC’s 52 event being a big joke, why Grant Morrison’s Supergods is the comic criticism equivalent of Walter Pater’s The Renaissance, how licensing and movie deals are killing comic books, and why alt-comics nerds like Daniel Clowes and Seth are the worst. Part two will be up later in the week.

Written by Brandon

January 9th, 2012 at 6:01 am

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