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Spin: Drake, Hip-Hop’s Unlikely New Conscience

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In which I begin wrestling with the fact that Drake’s been making some incredible shit lately. Probably too harsh to Future in this one, but “Tony Montana” is retarded and the Lex Luger sound really needs to end.

“Tony Montana” seemed even goofier after Drake deigned to make an appearance on the remix. In his characteristic nasally flow, Drake weaved around Lex Luger’s sonic histrionics, asserting his Tony Montana-ness while avoiding big, dumb proclamations about impossible success. He simply claims that he has indeed made it, observing that “young women are lost these days,” like a bored, aged lothario even though he’s only in his twenties. Drake’s verse isn’t brilliant or anything, but it feels so much more lived-in than Future’s, which is full of artifice and exaggeration, tools that were once effective and maybe even necessary for rappers, but now just feel pathetically delusional and out of touch.

There’s even a strange, very unofficial-looking video for the “Tony Montana” remix, furthering the sense that Future, a clueless guy chasing an earlier era of funny-money rap, is ironically named. Jammed between cheapo shots of Future partying like he wants you to buy into his hype, there are shots of Drake in a blunted, Weeknd-esque scene, wandering, dream-like, around the club. The sequence is lifted from the video for his own single, “Marvin’s Room,” and it’s quite telling that this dejected version of clubbing is so closely associated with Drake. Dropped into the middle of this middling song that’s so desperate to be a hit, with a video intent to convince viewers of Future’s importance and street-level success, there’s Drake wandering right through that desired success like a ghost…

Written by Brandon

September 16th, 2011 at 6:02 pm

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  1. Lol at your comment over at spin “I don’t think Tony Montana is better than any song”.


    18 Sep 11 at 5:42 am

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