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Biographical Dictionary of Rap: Egyptian Lover


“Every DJ’s schtick is that they’re the greatest or the best at what they do, but Egypytian Lover’s self-obsession act went a step further. Side Two of his debut ‘On the Nile’ begins with a shortened version of his hit “Egypt, Egypt” and then, instead of keeping the party going, it’s followed by “I Cry (Night after Night)”. “I Cry” is a confessional, electro jam that’s less “slow-song for the ladies” album concession and more like, a song that makes explicit the implicit, depressive feeling that underscores most, if not all dance music.

If you listened hard enough, those 808s-of-death breakdowns on “Egypt Egypt”—especially the 12-inch version—stopped sounding fun and got a little creepy and it just kind of made sense that the party would stop or take a break for a song, so that the Lover can announce, over top snapping drums and watery synths, how he goes to bed every night in tears. “

Written by Brandon

September 2nd, 2008 at 7:27 am

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  2. My favorite LP at the monemt is the new Soft Moon self-titled. Thanks for the tip for the Middle East my husband and I have a record store and we’ll try to find the album for the shop so we can spread the word. Peace, love and music


    18 Feb 15 at 12:12 pm

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