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Independent Weekly: 9th Wonder & David Banner – Death Of A Pop Star


So yeah, this 9th and David Banner album is pretty incredible. Neither artist really sounds hedged here or like, leaning too heavily into the others’ milieu, and they’re both are a little out of their comfort zones, which is a good thing. “Slow Down” is my favorite right now. 9th’s secret weapon: his basslines.

“The Light,” the angriest track on the debut collaboration between Mississippi rapper David Banner and Durham producer 9th Wonder, uses this disdain-filled couplet as its hook: “Started livin’ for money, yeah most of us did/ Rappers turned into singers, preachers touching the kids.” For David Banner, there’s no difference between priests abusing the authority of the church and rappers abandoning hip-hop to sing some R&B (Rap & Bullshit?) to get the wonderbread. The Mississippi rapper doesn’t believe in gray areas…

Written by Brandon

January 13th, 2011 at 4:36 pm

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