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November Picks.

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  • G-Side, iSLAND: They did it again. Their best one yet, even if it is the least accessible. A stalking, angry record: “Recognize,” “Our Thing,” and “16 Shots.” Mo’ blog love and a little mo’ money, means mo’ problems. “Exploratory jazz” makes sense. Review here.
  • Oneohtrix Point Never, Replica: Lopatin doesn’t try so hard and does his best work. Hiccuping samples, Charlie Brown piano, secret basslines. Hypnotic because nothing comes together like it should. Can the next Drake feature OPN and Nguzunguzu plz?!
  • Rimar, Higher Ground: Originally out in the spring, slept-on by me until September, and now out on vinyl. Ostensibly “chillwave” though there’s some energy and swagger to this one and a whole lotta heart. The year’s most romantic record! Free here. Buy here.
  • Nicolay & the Hot At Nights, Shibuya Session EP: The Eno-house of 2009’s criminally underrated City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya Nights turns into George Benson-like jazz thanks to Raleigh’s the Hot At Nights. Nicolay on keys keeps it on the good side of cheesy.
  • Madlib & Freddie Gibbs, Thuggin’ EP: Gibbs isn’t so much “back” as finally figuring out his footing. Madlib flips “Children Of The Ghetto” which yo, that’s not digging, it was on a Soul Jazz comp, but who cares. A perfect 12-inch. It’s even got “bonus beats!”

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November 30th, 2011 at 9:32 pm

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