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Graduation Is Really Good…

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-More on ‘Graduation’ next week. I’m going to do “Kanye West Week” because my previous week-long themes weren’t total disasters or anything…

-A New entry on Masta Ace for my Biographical Dictionary of Rap project/thingy. It’s written by DocZeus and it’s really great. He touches on Masta’s history, reinvention in the past decade, and briefly goes autobiographical, discussing when he “discovered” Masta Ace. Doc also added a “Songs You Should Have On Your iPod” section to his entry, which was a great idea and if anyone plans on contributing, feel free to do the same. I’ll probably go back and do it with my Beanie Sigel entry. If you haven’t been reading Doc’s blog Not a Blogger, you’re missing OUT.

-My conceptual Kanye posts didn’t really work out. It was supposed to be a joke or partially a joke. The way Kanye mentions so much about reactionary bloggers and how Kanye himself talks out of his ass and is honest to the point of it not even being honest anymore. I was sort of doing that but it ended up being about as successful and “deep” as ‘T.I vs. T.I.P’ (just kidding, still haven’t heard that album)…I don’t know, they can’t all be winners, alright? But next week, I’ll go all-out with ‘Graduation’, should be fun.

-I’ll be back with a real entry around 3am, Wed. Morning when I usually update. I go back to teaching English tomorrow so I should probably start preparing some sort of lesson or something…


-‘Caedom’ (from Beezer B’s ‘16 33 45 78′): Beezer posts about a bunch of records of authors reading from their own work. I’d rape my mother for that Hemingway one. The cover is great too.

-‘A Sunbeam in the Abyss’ (from Matt Soller Zeitz’s ‘House Next Door’): This is a really smart piece about Owen Wilson’s recent suicide attempt. I’m a big Wes Anderson fan, especially ‘Bottle Rocket’ (wrote an Undergraduate thesis on the movie as a matter of fact) and always find Owen Wilson entertaining and affecting. Seitz just really kind of “gets it” and is very respectful and smart.

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September 4th, 2007 at 12:41 am

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