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No Trivia Is 100 Posts Old!

It’s real self-important to commemorate one’s self, especially on a personal blog, but oh well.

I started this blog during the Breihan “wigster” controversy because that inspired me to “delurk” and get in arguments and inevitably, people were like “okay, asshole, where’s your blog?” So, I made one.

I also did it because I didn’t have a lot to do and was getting pretty depressed. It seemed like a way to motivate myself and engage in the ideas I was ranting with my friends already. The blog took on an even greater significance when my best friend Mike SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FUCKING FACE; it truly became a distraction and a way to channel rage and excitement in a healthy way.

Around the time of Mike’s death, the blog started to get some interest and it’s just been growing from there. I don’t believe in a God or afterlife or anything but somehow I still feel like maybe Mike was behind the sudden interest somehow…

It’s super-douchey to “thank” people but seriously, thanks. Thank you to everyone who reads this. Thanks a million to everyone who has linked me or put in a good word. Those who comment are particularly awesome. Rafi from ‘OhWord’ started sticking me on the ‘Around the Horn’ feature and I popped-up on ‘T.W.I.B’. Tom Breihan linked me here, which seriously, I got calls from people about: “Yo, Tom Breihan linked you!” Noz linked me too and that was also cool. Cool because as I said a few posts ago, those were the blogs I read that got me excited about this whole blogging thing. There’s also Jay Smooth. Oh yeah, and there’s Bubsdepot, DocZeus, Kwis, Richard, Renato, Joey from Straight Bangin, Nation of Thizzlam, William, Raymond Cummings, Jason Kirk, Dallas Penn, Souled On Music, T.R.E.Y, Brent Rollins from ‘Ego Trip’, Matt Zoller Seitz, Josh B, Better than Butt Sex, Zilla Rocca, Dollar Wells, MC One Man, Scritch & Scratch, Experiencing Music, Beezer B, Floodwatch music, Gentle Whoadie 9000, Eauhellzgnaw, Jesse, Angry Citizen, Chris, Highbrid Nation, the Humanity Critic, Drew Ricketts, rrougher, Melatone Music, Brooklyn Vegan, Daniel Krow, Adnan, Alex, Dart Adams, bLis, in no particular order (If anyone was forgotten, no offense). Also, Monique who isn’t really an “editor” in any true sense of the word but whose influence/inspiration is all over every post.

Just as an excuse for content, here’s a sort of mix of my favorite or most-linked/hated/discussed entries:

-Rap Music & “Experimental” Music
-Most Young Kings Get Their Head Cut Off
-Why I Love Dipset
-Uh, More Like Amy Whines-a-lot-House
-Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me 12′ Single
-‘ego trip’s (White) Rapper Show’: Episode 05
-‘ego trip’s (White) Rapper Show’: Episode 06
-Rappers in Wii Form
-The Cast of the White Rapper Show in Wii Form
-Miami Vice Review
-‘ego trip’s (White) Rapper Show’: Episode 07
-Notorious B.I.G Death Day
-How To Save Old Rap Music Without Declaring Hip-Hop Dead
-The Worst Jay-Z Concert Ever
-In Defense of Southern Production
-Music Video Director Gil Green
-Richard McBeef: The Motion Picture
-Late Registration Redux
-Reconsidering the Rap Canon
-Monique’s Playlist with Potential
-Death Mix
-Paid Bloggers Are Assholes
-Some Movies Rapper Should Reference Instead of ‘Scarface’
-DJ Screw: ‘Anniversary Day’
On ‘The Sopranos’ Ending

I’ll have real content tomorrow…see everybody then.

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July 23rd, 2007 at 12:39 am

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