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New Biographical Dictionary of Rap Entry: Big L by Kevin Earley

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Sorry for the lack of entries this week, I should have one up later today. For now, here’s Kevin Earley’s entry on Big L. He sent it a few weeks ago and somehow, I thought I already posted it…also, I did the discography for it, so if there are any notable mixtapes, compilations, etc. missing, tell me.

“Big L exemplifies the gritty, punchline heavy battle raps mastered by his mentor, Lord Finesse. The recent trend of New York rappers aiming to “Bring New York Back” (in particular Papoose) with flurries of mixtapes and freestyles, seem to follow in the blueprint that Big L left. Big L is the logical progression of Lord Finesse’s style into the early and late Nineties. As a part of the legendary D.I.T.C. crew, Big L seemed poised to conquer mainstream rap, as rumors of Roc-a-fella signings whirled about before his tragic murder in 1999…”

I also was thinking that since it has gone beyond entries only by me, there’s no need for the entries to be about different rappers every time. I mean, for now with there being only a couple of entries, it seems weird to have “doubles” but ideally, it would just be a mess of super-subjective mini-essays on rappers, so over-lapping is fine.

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September 28th, 2007 at 4:01 am

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