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Watch The Throne: “Murder To Excellence”


Jean-Michel Basquiat, “Horn Players”

Jay-Z dedicates “Murder To Excellence” to Danroy Henry Jr., killed by police gunfire in 2010. Later, he says he’s the reincarnation of Fred Hampton, who was murdered by the FBI, in his sleep, on December 4th, 1969, the day Jay was born: “I arrived on the day Fred Hampton died / I guess real niggas multiply.” That line sounds hot, but when it’s placed alongside Kanye’s declaration that “it’s time that we redefine black power,” it elucidates the Throne’s vision: Political rhetoric and action, particularly “by any means necessary,” must be replaced with simpler, pragmatic goals of economic success and independence. It’s a continuation of the sentiment from Jay’s infamous verse on The Black Album’s “Moment Of Clarity,” where he confesses that he “dumbed down for [his] audience to double his dollars,” while at the same time kinda dismissing conscious hip-hop by explaining that he “can’t help the poor if he’s one of them…”

Written by Brandon

August 24th, 2011 at 10:22 pm

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  1. Good job… keep it up…. u rock \m/

    Jimmie Kring

    19 Aug 13 at 6:27 pm

  2. I wouldn’t go as far to not coiednsr will smith a rapper, but the biggest reason he’s not a coiednsration in most of these conversations is that he left rap a LONG time ago, and never even flirted with it successfully after that. If he was to drop an album tomorrow would any of y’all take it serious? Probably not. Jay already retired once, and came back to more fanfare. And that’s in a climate where Wayne was essentially taking his spot. As far as GOAT, if it ain’t BIG it’s Jay period. I love Nas, but he’s been too inconsistent musically to be coiednsred as the greatest. Album sales aren’t everything, but I’d venture to say his last album got less downloads then some of the artists who outsold him legally as well that doesn’t sound like something the greatest would do. No disrespect tho, cuz he’s still top 3 lyrically in my book. Diddy is a coiednsration if you’re just talking about hip-hop culture in general, but then so is Russell. 50 s also an honorable mention


    4 May 14 at 9:14 pm

  3. Jay z one of my fav, but 50 got this. How many times do we here about a drug dealer nelray getting shot to death, becoming a multi millionaire doing business ventures, acting,and does damage on the mic. But ima give Jay the benefit of the doubt, dude got a hustle we ain’t gone see ever again.


    6 Mar 15 at 12:09 am

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