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DDm – “Spend It”

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Creating evil, stop-start squiggly Lex Luger-like productions is like, the thing now, and the way that Drumma Boy, who had a hand in inventing that style anyways, does it on “Spend It” without sounding like a straight rip-off, is something to celebrate. “Spend It” works because Drumma adds like two more sounds (that lonely horn, some hefty low-end) than he needs to, and well, 2 Chainz is a total maniac.

DDm is also a maniac. Formerly known as Midas, I’ve been pushing dude for a few years now and he’s slowly figuring his persona out beyond “hilarious, dope rapper.” Brevity is key here–the way he jumps in and jumps out, says some funny but honest shit and calls it a day. To really mess with you, DDm also has a freestyle over Rihanna’s “Cockiness,” which is a really brilliant gender-bending mindfuck from this Baltimore, tough-talking queer MC. He’s also got a concept album called Winter & The Tin-Man’s Heart coming out soon. Earlier today he released “Piece Of My Heart”, the first song from that project. Love this guy.

Written by Brandon

January 12th, 2012 at 8:38 pm

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