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Who Said It: Common or ‘The Technopriests’?

I’ve been reading Alexandro Jodorowsky and Zoran Janietov’s new-age stoner sci-fi graphic novel ‘The Technopriests’, the back cover describes it this way:

“Albino, the bastard son of a space pirate, has only one goal, to become a member of the Technoguild and create the videogames that influence every citizen in the galaxy, or die trying. And he just might! The path to become a Technopriest is a difficult one and Albino must face many trials before he can fulfil his destiny. Meanwhile, Albino’s mother, brother and sister begin a perilous quest to find the brutal pirates who fathered Albino and his siblings. INITIATION tells the story of Albino’s first three years of training to become a member of the powerful Technoguild.”

I’ve also been listening to Common’s newest album ‘Finding Forever’. Common new-age rap aphorisms and Jodorowsky’s futuristic utopian koans seem to be mixing up in my brain. Maybe you can help me sort them out…

If you get them all right you win a permanent membership to the Technoguild along with 30,000 chrono-dollars! Click for the answers!

1.“Merge with the powersphere and bring your arrogant master here”

2.“Time is an illusion. The only reality is your conscience”

3.“The lovers of the dope experiment to discover hope”

4.“You cannot put an end to all worlds…because they do not exist”

5.“The weak-hearted become Babylon puppets”

6.“Love is not a mystery, it’s everything”

7.“I’m piercing a hole in a giant cyberantula”

8.“The karma of the street says needs and takes”

9.“Dissolve your body and regenerate yourself on the inside”

10.“Lifting you, my drive is shifting you, I opened your freak”

11.“Shut up! Since that damned white-face robbed me, it’s only fair that I rob you”

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July 25th, 2007 at 4:32 pm

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