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Antwon – “Handsome”

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Antwon is a San Jose MC who sounds a little bit like Biggie. Not just because he calls himself “Young Poppa” and has a similar, fat guy rumble to his voice, but because of his youthful wit, food obsession, and the goofball sensitivity of his sex raps. The closing lines of “Handsome” combine all of those things: “Sauteed lamb samosa, blue magic weed/ Shout out Zooey Deschanel, she can have my seed/ Shout out all womens, all colors, all creeds/Especially the ones in the world that love me.” Producer Bad Slorp’s beat is on some Toto “Africa” plus early UGK with a John Tesh twist shit, though it also scans as 90s golden-era nostalgic somehow?! Whatever, it’s awesome and a nice step up for this charming rapper who just a few months ago was rhyming over Washed Out and Salem songs. This isn’t even the best track on My Westside Horizon, which came out late last year, it’s just the most illustrative example of its lo-fi shimmer. Not in the hypnagogia gone Memphis by way of Florida chillwave cacophony of SpaceGhostPurrp mind you, but in an almost classic indie rock sense where fizz and hiss don’t make the music, they just add more rocky textures and raw energy to a sturdy, classic formula.

Written by Brandon

January 17th, 2012 at 6:49 pm

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