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Village Voice, Sound of the City: Interview w/Mike Williams of Eyehategod

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Really not trying to neglect this blog, it’s just working out that way. There’s plenty to comment on (SFJ’s problematic article, a defense of Nicky Minaj), but for now, all you get is this pretty fun, though rather guarded interview I did with Mike Williams of New Orleans’ Eyehategod–a group that’s meant a lot to me over the years. The same hard-ass, fuck everything nihilism rubbing up against community-based humanism you get in stuff like UGK or whatever. I like that Mike throws in a reference to “Bounce” when discussing the sounds of New Orleans, not a lot of metal dudes would. Anyways, check it out. EHG plays with Pig Destroyer and Goatwhore as part of CMJ tomorrow night.

“The New Orleans sludge legends Eyehategod–a band of squirming, perpetual outsiders–have remained masters of miserablist metal for twenty years now. Dominated by weighty blues riffs, punctuated by bursts of hardcore, and anchored by lead singer Mike Williams’ growl, the sound of the New Orleans-based band mixed and matched styles of punk and metal before that sort of thing was fashionable. Add battles with addiction and the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the band–temporarily derailing the group and leading to Williams’ arrest for drug possession–and Eyehategod more than live up to their return-to-touring tagline: “Twenty years of abuse.” The band plays a show on a boat this Saturday, along with Pig Destroyer and Goatwhore as part of the (though varied and ever expansive) still predominantly indie CMJ. Via e-mail, we spoke to EHG lead singer Mike Williams about the show, Hurricane Katrina–something Mike’s tired of discussing on other people’s terms–and how and why the world getting more and more terrible makes Eyehategod’s devastating music sound that much better.”

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October 23rd, 2009 at 4:52 pm

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