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Oval – “Heroic”


Without Oval you’d have no glitch and without glitch you’d have no Boards of Canada or Fennesz and without those fellas you’d have none of this delightful, warped bliss-out electronic music right now that soundtracks your chill-out times at the beach and your bum-out, nodding off on painkillers time alone. Well maybe indirect father of chillwave isn’t a good argument for Oval’s growing though marginalized importance, but listen anyway: Oval are awesome and important and one of a kind, and that’s clear on OvalDNA a newly released odds-and-sods compilation that fuses together better than anything they’ve put out since 94 Diskont.

“Heroic” has a simple evocative, spot-on title, which helps conjure up a scene from some psychedelic sci-fi viking movie’s last act, where everything’s gone to shit. There’s something in that guitar–meaty, yet depressed and lost–and the way the chords ring out, getting sloppier each time they’re played, that sounds like whoever’s strumming them is losing consciousness. This mysterious shard of guitar, waterlogged R2D2 squeals, and sad-sack piano, is my favorite song of 2012, even though it’s definitely not from this year. Then again, “Rack City” (which is great because it has even fewer elements and stretches them to three and a half minutes, instead of two and half) isn’t from this year either, though it’s ubiquity has made me, on more than one occasion, declare it SONG OF THE YEAR SO FAR as well.

Written by Brandon

January 13th, 2012 at 3:59 am

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