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Pitchfork: Cities Aviv – Digital Lows

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Best rap record no one’s talking or even really blogging about. This one’s particularly relevant given all the Memphis fetishism going on. Well, here’s a guy from Memphis who internalizes his hometown’s music history in interesting, never derivative ways. Imagine that! Download it here. Click below to read the review:

Cities Aviv begins “Fuckeverybodyhere” with a swaggering declaration: “I could say some chill shit, but fuck all that.” Given the song’s hazy production–Steely Dan’s “Midnight Cruiser” hammered into jagged boom-bap– the impulse to lapse into laconic stoner rap makes sense, but nothing plays out quite so predictably on Digital Lows.

And so, in a drunken RZA-like flow, the Memphis rapper narrates his heroic origin story (“Bluff City born with a mic in my palm, I came up out the womb spittin’ in the rarest of form”), hilariously big-ups himself (“In this 8-bit world I’m Bowser”), and mockingly croons the song’s shit-talk title. Even the usual hip-hop clichés are afforded specificity thanks to his expressive wit and precise determination not to use words in the same exact way as every other rapper. He describes the girls he’s pulling in by joking, “as a youngin’ jerkin’ off I could never picture this,” and refers to his haters as “voyeurs.”…

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June 23rd, 2011 at 4:01 pm

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