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December Picks.

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  • Squadda B, Back $eling Crack: Hipster-friendly rapper reminds you that his come-up is just as dark and regret-filled as your favorite obnoxious cornerboy MC. A challenge to those saying cloud rap is lightweight escapism. Best Green Ova release yet.
  • The Roots, undun: Ready To Die, Me Against The World, and every other deathwish concept rap record gone earnest, symphonic, and told backwards. Achingly sad and ambitious. Begins with boom-bap, ends with Skies Of America-esque free jazz.
  • The Weeknd, Echoes Of Silence: Expected this guy to make one record I loved but wouldn’t even listen to six months after the fact. Instead, he’s doing a whole career in less than a year. The least hook-y, but the most R&B. Figure that one out. Review here.
  • Symmetry, Themes For An Imaginary Film: Touching on everything from Moroder’s American Gigolo OST to Xenakis, Johnny Jewel’s ambitious official/unofficial Drive score arpeggiates, swaggers, and pulses. This one’s for real human beings only. Buy this!
  • Cam’ron & Vado, Boss Of All Bosses 3: Despite piss-poor mastering, this is Cam’s best since Crime Pays. More varied than it needs to be, with AraabMuzik rave raps (“Livin’ Our Life”) and silly sing-alongs (“All My Life”). Needs more Vado though.

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January 13th, 2012 at 7:29 am

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