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Village Voice: “Diddy Goes Back to the Basement”

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So yeah, I interviewed Diddy about his ridiculously awesome dance album, Last Train To Paris. We mostly talked about Loose Ends and Abel Ferrara’s King Of New York.

Diddy doesn’t need to make an album like Last Train to Paris. OK: Diddy doesn’t need to do anything, but in particular, no one was looking to the guy for an electro-influenced, house-tinged, avant-r&b concept album about heartbreak. “I wasn’t trying to be vulnerable for the sake of shock, or for the sake of people admiring my vulnerability,” he notes over the phone, one week before the album’s release. Instead, his goal was “to just tell the truth.” On the intro track, backed by progressive house bleeps and bloops, Diddy introduces the record’s harsh conceit: “Love is a motherfucker…”

Written by Brandon

December 15th, 2010 at 3:19 am

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