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MIX: 25 Best Rap Songs, 2010.


25 Best Rap Songs 2010.

Had a few requests for a .zip of these songs, so I decided to make a mix instead (hit me up on Twitter if you want a zip though). Tried to sequence these in a way that maximized listenability and added something of a narrative to the year. So, we begin with ST from G-Side deconstructing Drake’s “Over,” telling the story of his label Slow Motion Sounds, and quipping (the way a rapper in 2010 only could), that his freestyle “will be all over the world” within a few hours. And we end with Bun B and DJ Premier paying a quick tribute to Guru and then, making rap that’s on auto-pilot sure, but is excellent nonetheless. In between, there’s some radio hits, some tracks everybody liked, a few I dare say are slept-on, and probably too much Baltimore hip-hop. Enjoy!

Written by Brandon

December 28th, 2010 at 5:39 am

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  1. thanks for doing that.


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