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-“Social Class II: C’est Beau, La Bourgeoisie” from Birdseed’s Tunedown:

“Can you imagine a club that plays kwaito, kuduro and baile funk having a poster so obviously designed to turn away the diaspora and the working class a few years ago? It’s way past the sort of art-school faux DIY you still see around, it’s deeply entrenched in a horrible sort of Victorian colonialist exotica.”

-“Just Above My Head” from Haterplayer:

“But every now and then, Baldwin keeps it real and throws in a “motherfucker” or “bitch” or starts talking about his dick size or something. Against the background of his sentimentality, the crass moments come off as really humane and relatable because that’s how diverse real-ass people are from moment to moment. Hell, today in church, my mind shifted from the patron saint of San Diego to a porn flick I watched yesterday to this blog then to the book and etc. We wander and Baldwin’s writing wanders with us.”

-”I Hate Souljaboy” by Pruane2Forever”:

-Download for Free Bobby Creekwater’s BC Era EP!!

If B.O.B was as good as people like to pretend he is, he’d be Bobby Creek. I know that’s the bullshit I usually talk–although, it was Monique that said that and I swiped it–but this EP’s really incredible.

-“Dart Adams presents Indie Hip Hop’s Surge (The Real Version)” from Poisonous Paragraphs:

“Yesterday I wrote a blog responding to another writer who wrote an article stating that the first eight months of 2008 were uneventful as not one indie/underground Hip Hop album with any real replay value past two or three weeks was released in their opinion. That same writer then stated that the first great album of the year was Koushik’s “Out My Window” (which wasn’t released until September 30th). I found his whole article to be insulting to all of the indie and underground Hip Hop acts that made solid material this year and were just completely dismissed.”

For those that don’t know, Zoe Lund was the star of Abel Ferrara’s Ms. 45 and the screenwriter of The Bad Lieutenant (she also plays the girl that shoots him up in the scene before he has his Christ vision). I picked up a tape of Ms. 45 the other day and was reading up on Lund and was happy to find an official or kinda official website for her that wasn’t bullshit at all. It’s got a ton of her unpublished writings and stuff.

-Complete Batman:The Animated Series

Saw this at Target last night–it came out on Tuesday–and they were selling it for $85 and I’ll probably pick this up. All five seasons and what seems to be a ton of cool extras like commentaries and short docs and shit. Like every smart American in this time of financial crisis, I think my way of hacking the 85 is to use my Amazon credit card I never use and pay minimal payments on this for like the next year and a half…

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November 10th, 2008 at 4:08 am

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