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City Paper Article: Electronic Affronts, Bogdan Raczynski & Tim Hecker

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Yeah! Another article in the Baltimore City Paper…not rap-related though. I’m pretty into this one; I think it’s the best one I’ve done. Also sports a hilarious Basquiat-meets-MS Paint image from Idolator’s Jess Harvell (Yes, that pic was printed inside the paper which I think is pretty great…). Also also, the label putting out Hecker’s EP, Audraglint, were kind enough to upload mp3s of the EP to hear it because my personal copy arrived like, 3 days before it was due and that’s awesome…also also also, City Paper Music Editor Michael Byrne helped a great deal- probably more than he needs to with other writers- and it’s cool he gave me 1000 fucking words to write about what’s basically an album of happy hardcore and an EP of farts, glitches, and whuurrrrrsszzz…

IT’S BEEN A STRANGE YEAR for electronic music. Kanye West sampled Daft Punk. Timbaland brought the rave to MTV. And even the guys with scene cred embraced the porous borders between pop and “experimental”: Justice got rid of bass and made trebly, black-metal party pop, and the Field made house so micro it just became house again. The indie guys went a little more pop, the popular guys got weirder, and no one, musician or fan, could feel totally comfortable. This year’s common theme is bucking expectations, so it’s fitting that the year ends with releases from soundscapist Tim Hecker and electro-contrarian Bogdan Raczynski, two artists plenty ill at ease with genre lines…

Written by Brandon

December 19th, 2007 at 9:57 am