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City Paper Article: Old New Hope (Dennis Wilson & Droids)

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I was sitting around the past few days thinking about what kind of image would accompany a pretty weird article on the re-issues of Dennis Wilson’s ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’ and Droids’ ‘Star Peace’ and had images of Dennis Wilson’s face with a Star Destroyer flying above bouncing around in my head and then this like, bearded C-3PO floating around on space-beach drops and it’s better than anything I could’ve imagined! It’s by Alex Fine for those interested.

“THREE DECADES AFTER THEIR original releases, both Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson’s 1977 stoner-pop album Pacific Ocean Blue (Epic/Legacy) and the Droids’ 1978 space-disco relic Star Peace (Repressed) are receiving the re-release treatment, and the coincidence is plenty apt. In the late ’70s, both these albums were wonders of displacement–either too far behind or ahead of the time to achieve much more than a ripple.

If getting Brian Wilson out of the sandbox, onto the stage, and into the studio for 1976’s 15 Big Ones and 1977’s Love You failed to pique interest, Dennis Wilson’s even hazier mix of nostalgia and over-the-hill ennui wasn’t going to top the charts. And the disco novelty appeal of Droids is only superficial: Star Peace is fully-realized electronic music light years ahead of Studio 54, all wrapped around a utopian, sci-fi conceit…”

Written by Brandon

July 2nd, 2008 at 10:34 am