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Splice Today: DJ Nate – Da Trak Genious


This review of Chicago footwork producer DJ Nate’s Da Trak Genious was written at pretty much the same time as that Flocka piece from yesterday, so they certainly share ideas and also probably some wonky music-crit adjectives, but I’m trying to develop a dark, dance music thesis about all this stuff, alright?

Twenty-year-old Chicago producer DJ Nate makes footwork music, an even wilder, faster, and out-there extension of juke—itself an A.D.D update on house, the Windy City’s mammoth contribution to dance music. Da Trak Genious compiles 25 of Nate’s tracks, unmixed, but sequenced brilliantly, providing a considerable introduction to this fairly under-the-radar style. That style? A 160-beats-per minute rush of syncopated drums and finely chopped, hyper-manipulated samples…

Written by Brandon

October 7th, 2010 at 6:19 pm