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Metal Lungies: Organized Noize Beat Drop

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Surprised there weren’t more contributors to this one? Bloggers are dropping the ball, whether it’s because you’re lazy, too cool for anything that isn’t your own dotcom, or that “I don’t write for free” bull a lot of you guys are on as of late, Outkast and ONP are something we should all be celebrating. Whatever though–it’s one of the most fascinating and rarefied Beat Drops as a result, which sorta fits the whole Dungeon Fam aesthetic anyways. My picks were “Git Up Git Out (Outkast), “I Didn’t Ask To Come” (Goodie Mob), “Dez Only 1″ (Witchdoctor), “Low Low” (Lil Will), and “Dress Up” (Sleepy Brown):

“Let’s begin by pointing out that “Dress Up” has two saxophone solos. And that said sax solos are played by Sleepy’s pops — Jimmy Brown from Brick. Throw in some comely “Boogie On Reggae Woman” drums and anchor the whole thing around a blaxploitation vibe and you’ve got the ballsy, incongruous, kitchen-sink weirdo production genius of ONP in a nutshell. Steeped in tradition, obsessed with aping their musical heroes but somehow internalizing those influences well enough to spit them back up as something wholly original.”

Written by Brandon

June 10th, 2009 at 7:43 pm