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Halloween Fun Time

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Lists of scary rap songs or particularly homicidal/suicidal rap tracks are the norm for Halloween but that’s never made a lot of sense to me because Halloween’s about having fun. Dressing like an asshole and getting candy and all that. Halloween memories for me are either the being a kid and walking around hoping to get a few more packages of Wonka Bottle Caps kind of fun or like, the being 16 or so and sneaking into this high school the night before Halloween–because that’s what you do the night before Halloween–and getting high on dust-off you found in the janitor’s closet kind of fun.

DJ Booman – “Monster Mash (Doo Dew Kidz Remix)”

Since posting a Booman track worked-out so well the last time. This is from 2006 or so if I remember correctly, and in typical Baltimore Club fashion, it takes a couple of disparate but connected samples like “Monster Mash” and Vincent Price’s awesome speech off “Thriller” and bounces between them and a classic club break. I especially like the piano line from “Monster Mash” and the way it comes around at the right time throughout and after Price’s speech, these great snippets Tangerine Dream-ish arpeggiation get a few moments to shine before the beat drops again.

Fat Boys – “Are You Ready For Freddy?”

The go-to on all the rap stations is Will Smith’s “Nightmare on My Street” but don’t sleep on this Freddy Krueger/Fat Boys collabo. Rappers need to be back on goofy shit like this. Instead, they collaborate with the queer from Coldplay or on a fashion line. One could easily see Kanye or Wayne doing a silly Halloween-themed song though.

-Whodini – “Haunted House of Rock”

-Jimmy Spicer – “Adventures of Super Rhyme”

Spicer raps like a vampire…that counts, right?

-Xela – “Halloween Theme” off Halloween/Suspiria 7″
And if you want something more conventionally “scary” and Halloween-like, it should be atmospheric instead of suicidal, like this cover of John Carpenter’s classic theme for Halloween by XELA. Using a film projector sound almost like percussion, the usually-electronic XELA does a almost natural-sounding cover of the famous synth-horror theme. The other side of this is an equally awesome cover of the theme from Suspiria; XELA also have a zombies attacking a ship-themed album called Dead Sea that you should check out.

Written by Brandon

October 31st, 2008 at 4:29 am