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Spin: “Lil B: The Human Meme.”


My Lil B story that’s in the upcoming “Success Issue” of Spin is now online. Think of it as the third part in my “internet hype” trilogy I teased yesterday (read: pt. 1 and pt. 2). And yes, that Rutgers university bathroom stall with the Lil B and Rebecca Black graffiti is real.

“He can’t rap for shit,” scoffs a white girl seemingly dressed head to toe in Urban Outfitters, standing in front of Philadelphia’s Theater of the Living Arts.

A performance inside by rapper Lil B is well underway, but outside there’s an active, opportunistic scene. Members of a local rap crew wander around with cameras, passing out T-shirts and CDs. Another Urban Outfitted girl dispenses flyers for an “after-party” down the block. A dreadlocked dude later informs the exiting masses that Lil B will attend the after-party. This turns out to be untrue.

Everybody here wants something from Lil B, now one of hip-hop’s best-known figures, thanks almost entirely to the Internet. I want an interview (via Twitter direct messages and phone calls, I’ve been promised one “after the show”). Others hope to generate content they can tag “Lil B” and increase their blogs’ page views. His fans expect autographs and face time. They will tweet during the concert in hopes that he’ll anoint them with a retweet…

Written by Brandon

June 15th, 2011 at 9:14 pm

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Village Voice, Sound Of The City: Interview with Clams Casino

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My interview with everybody’s favorite ambient rap producer Clams Casino is up on Village Voice’s blog. Not surprisingly, he isn’t listening to Dolphins Into The Future or anything, but like, taking the manipulated soul of Heatmakerz and Kanye and going even further with it. If you haven’t checked out his mixtape yet, please do. Clams Casino Instrumentals Mixtape > Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath, 1972.

​Clams Casino is the producer behind some of Lil B’s trippiest and, therefore, #BASED-est beats, from “I’m God” to “Motivation.” Until the release of his self-titled instrumentals mixtape last week, his name was known to only the most devoted scourers of Internet rap. But thanks to the tape’s mysterious, very un-hip-hop design (a black and white marble image), his wonky producer name, and the beats themselves — moaning, fractured, noisy things that sound as much like Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath, 1972 as they do rap instrumentals — the 23-year-old North Jersey-based producer is enjoying a wider profile. Earlier this week, we met up with Clammy Clams at a Mexican spot near his house in Nutley to talk about his spaced-out, hypnagogic hip-hop, which just might bring you to tears, it’s so beautiful…

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March 17th, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Pitchfork: Lil B – “Base For Your Face” [ft. Jean Grae and Phonte]

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Wrote about this totally wacky but not actually collaboration between Lil B and Phonte, Jean Grae, and 9th Wonder. For some precedent: B raps on a slurred version of 9th’s “Wonderbread” beat on “Connect The Dots” from Angels Exodus and on the latest installment of his Gorden Gartrell radio podcast, Phonte mentions that he first thought of collaborating with Lil B last year when he was planning his solo record. Total nerd stuff, but there’s also some fun rap meta-history going on here, with “Base For Your Face” sampling Flav and playing off the word “bass” the same way Public Enemy did with “Night Of The Living Baseheads.” From bass, to freebase, to #BASED, the philosophy.

Written by Brandon

March 12th, 2011 at 12:37 am