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How Big Is Your World? Mike-Mike – “Bmore Better Be Afraid”


Mike-Mike – “Bmore Better Be Afraid”

Word to Metal Lungies for linking the Z.O.M.E song from the other day. Here’s Mike-Mike of Z.O.M.E putting some new rhymes over top Eminem’s “Not Afraid” and making something far more inspiring and exciting than the original. Namely, Mike-Mike leaves Eminem’s signature self-loathing behind (dude doesn’t sound like anybody owes him anything) and maintains a level-head, even when he’s in battle mode: “He say, he’s the best/Well, I feel the same!” That’s a pretty unimpeachable response to “best rapper alive” boasts, you know? Every rapper thinks they’re the best, so let’s just keep it moving or prove that shit! That kind of propriety is also what allows Mike-Mike to really go after Baltimore’s rather calcified rap scene and come off more like a frustrated fan, than a guy just stirring up beef: “Majority of Bmore sounds like the south yo/And everyone down south know!/So quit it./We’re stealing the south’s flow/Even the niggas ain’t got money, rap about dough.” Rapping-wise, Mike-Mike’s attuned to every production trick and beat change-up in Boi1Da’s instrumental (hints of ), strolling along with those soap opera pianos at the beginning of verse three (“I have been chillin’ for a minute”) and taking advantage of those moments where he can toss out some confident chuckle or stretch his voice out and get weird with his raps.

Also–you missed the dude’s birthday:

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Written by Brandon

September 7th, 2010 at 5:08 pm