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The Comics Journal: Nick Maandag – Streakers


I am now contributing to The Comics Journal! My first review is for Nick Maandag’s really funny surprisingly touching, often downright depressing comic Streakers.

“Real streaking should involve higher social and political ideals. It should be about going where people are taking themselves too seriously and taking them down a peg, reminding everyone that we’re animals.” That’s Xavier, streaking demagogue (and manager of a burger joint), holding court at the weekly Streakers Association of Summit City meeting, attended by his two friends, Doug and Tim, there to slurp down beer and ponder the politics of taking it all off in public. Doug, who gets in the paper for exposing himself to women around town, is perhaps, more accurately defined as “flasher” than “streaker” good and proper, and Tim, an aging-out idealist with a entry-level dishwasher job going on eight years, hasn’t yet drummed up the confidence to strip down, which makes him only “a streaker at heart.” They are a rag-tag trio…”

Written by Brandon

February 16th, 2012 at 6:16 pm