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Souled On Music: Love Lockdown (No Trivia Edition)


A quick break from Donuts Month–I’m finishing up today’s entry on “Time: The Donut of the Heart” right now–to send you over to Souled On Music for Scholar’s week and then some of Valentine’s Day mixes from your favorite bloggers. How I didn’t throw this into my aside about Feburary being crazy blog theme month a few Dilla posts ago I do not know because the series is fun, honest, revealing, and’ll peep you to some new old music too. My mix went up today. Check it out:

“Here’s the thing. When I make any kind of mix for a girl—which is ostensibly what a Valentine’s Day mix is—it’s light on soul songs. It’s light on soul songs because when every dope in the world’s trying to seem sensitive or whatever, they slap Barry White or Al Green on a CD and like, I don’t want to treat the genre like that.

So yeah, there’s a girl out there with a tape from me that had Prince’s “Another Lonely Christmas” on it, and I’ll use a soul song here and there, but to simpletons, the plurality of soul music’s lost. It just means “makin’ out music” and I like to come off a little better than that. But this is Souled On and this is Scholar we’re talking about, so I wanted to keep the mix at least, tangentially connected to the Soul genre, while still fumbling around with all the crazy emotions of loving or even just really liking somebody…”

Written by Brandon

February 11th, 2009 at 2:24 am